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We specialize in strategic commercial real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area. With our deep understanding of the region's unique market trends and growth potential, we actively seek out accretive  opportunities to make sound investments in prime properties and developments.

Our investment approach extends beyond real estate. We are passionate about fueling innovation and fostering entrepreneurial success. As such, we also dedicate a significant portion of our resources to supporting early-stage companies that are at the forefront of revolutionizing major industries.

We actively seek out visionary innovators and disruptive startups that are reshaping big sectors such as real estate technologies, healthcare, finance, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and more. By providing them with crucial financial backing, mentorship, and access to a vast network of industry experts, we help accelerate their growth and empower them to make a lasting impact.

Our commitment to these innovators goes beyond mere financial support. We actively engage with our portfolio companies, offering strategic guidance, operational expertise, and industry insights. We believe in nurturing long-term partnerships, working closely with our investees to drive their success and fuel their journey towards becoming industry leaders.

Through our unique combination of investing in commercial real estate and supporting early-stage companies, we create a synergistic ecosystem that fosters growth, collaboration, and innovation. We take pride in being a catalyst for positive change in the San Francisco Bay Area, where ambitious entrepreneurs and groundbreaking ideas converge to shape the future of industries on a global scale.

2730 Sand Hill Rd Ste 250

Menlo Park, CA 94025

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